As my maternal grandmother frequently said "we're too soon old and too late smart." I resemble that remark! And now I'm catching up on the "smart" part.

Years ago, I earned my Master's degree in psychology and began working in the mental health field. I read about a device called a "microcomputer" and soon thereafter discovered "technology" embodied in an Apple(TM) computer and the blinking cursor of VisiCalc(TM): I discovered my passion. It has taken me until now to formalize the level of the education I have been espousing ever since that fateful day.

I completed my doctoral studies at Pepperdine University in the Graduate School of Education and Psychology and have written my dissertation and successfully defended it during July 2014. My dissertation has been published, graduation posted, and "Dr" O'Keeffe is now "official"

I learned, developed training for, and taught hardware operations and software applications. I never entered the circuitry nor code level: always remained on the user level as an educator/trainer...and this is where I plan to remain: user-centered research into everything technology. And I define user as the everyday person-on-the-street civilian. My research focus is upon baby boomers. Specifically, I studied baby boomers: our level of digital literacy, the digital devices we use, and the extent to which we use them. (Write me and we'll chat about it, if you'd like!)

I realize I MAY need to narrow that a bit. Still, it DOES express my passion!

As a former Director of Learning in the corporate world, I am planning to broaden my network and narrow my scope and continually assess what's new in technology for the Baby Boomers of us.

Visit as frequently as you are inclined: there will be new stuff reviewed here as often as there is new stuff released out there!

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