Hello and Welcome to Richard's Tech Perspectives !

I'm Richard* - provocateur of online communication and collaboration - and on these pages, I provide perspectives (mostly mine) about the newest technologies introduced and weight their relevance to educational and everyday uses. Also, I write about Baby Boomers, Senior Boomers, and digital literacy.

As the technology industry continually explodes with new products scattering new stuff everywhere, some will stick and some, well...they'll just blow-up. So, I decided to establish a central review space with links to other review spaces. I believe it might be a handy site to host.

The graphic up top will change periodically to represent my current review project(s). Presently, it's Mini Connect - a technological wonder designed to enhance my Mini Cooper travels. Mini Connect performs all the usual automotive stuff like informing me re: mileage, fuel levels, navigation, AND my Facebook activity, RSS feeds, phone calls, and more - much more! See for yourself here.

Also of particular interest are "surface computing" and "multi-touch" technology - VERY fascinating technologies discovered by Bill Buxton and most recently advanced by Jeff Han. In today's world we refer to them as "tablets." You can get additional information NOW by clicking the Links button on the left side of this page or by visiting my blog: richardokeeffe.wordpress.com

*aka Richard O'Keeffe, Ed.D. a member of Cadre Xiii in Pepperdine University's Graduate School of Education and Psychology. I completed my dissertation research about baby boomers: our digital literacies, the digital devices we use and the extents to which we use them. I am pleased to say that my research population of Baby Boomers presented solid, basic digital literacy skills!

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